Applications and Capabilities

Precision slitting and rewinding of your plastic film products from 8 microns to 20 mils. All polymer types including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, BOPP, CPP, PS, Nylon, Cellophane, Photovoltaic, Synthetics, and Blends. A few applications would include PS, PET, and BOPP label films, PS envelope window films, PET ovenable lidding films, BOPP pouch films, Photovoltaic films for solar panels, PVC construction films, Nylon “bag in box” films, LDPE bag films, LDPE rubber separator films, and PET thermal transfer films. Small quantities to large, all customers benefit from AccuFilm’s consistency and quality.

Slitting inbound capabilities:

  • Razor in air, razor in the groove, and shear slitting
  • Widths to 80.00"
  • Core inside diameters of 3.00", 6.00", & 10.00"
  • Roll outside diameters to 45.00"
  • Unwind capacity 4,500 lbs

Slitting outbound production capabilities:

  • Widths from 1.375" to 80.00"
  • Core inside diameters of 3.00" & 6.00"
  • Roll outside diameters to 32.00"
  • Core thickness from .290" to .500" wall

Rewinding and roll doctoring services:

  • Widths to 36.00"
  • The core inside diameter 3.00"
  • Roll outside diameters to 20.00"
  • Edge guiding
  • Print reversing

Warehousing and packaging services:

  • Warehousing for a single pallet to truckloads
  • Custom packaging/repackaging
  • Relabel / redocument
  • Dropshipping


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