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AccuFilm is a custom contract slitting facility located in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. In business since 1992, AccuFilm custom slits unsupported films of various compositions and thicknesses, with a concentration on the thin gauge, rigid films in the .50 mil to 4.00 mil range. From their facility in Hebron, Ohio, AccuFilm provides service to the entire US and exports to Europe, South America, Mexico, and several countries of the pacific region.

Why choose AccuFilm

  • Midwest location: AccuFilm is located within a 600 mile radius of 60% of U.S. manufacturing sites.

  • Capabilities: AccuFilm has state of the art slitting and rewinding capabilities utilizing modern ASHE Converting Equipment slitter / rewinders.

  • Expertise: Product and polymer knowledge, slitting and process knowledge, product tracability, sensitive to customer specific needs, thorough measurements and documentation.

Who We Are

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Bradley J. Smith

Founder & President

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Thank you for visiting and allow me to take the opportunity to introduce myself and AccuFilm. I have been working in the plastic film industry for over 30 years and founded AccuFilm in 1992. My initiation in this industry began as a slitter operator way back in 1985. Subsequently, my background in plastic films grew to include expertise with printing, laminating, thermoforming, die cutting, corona treatment, film extrusion, sheeting, and of course, slitting. AccuFilm’s competency lies in custom contract slitting plastic films from 8 microns to 20 mils thick. With capabilities to process plastic films of many different compositions, we can satisfy your slitting needs by helping reduce scheduling bottlenecks, slitting difficult to process specialty films, or by performing all of your slitting in the absence of in house slitting equipment. We utilize state of the art equipment which helps yield scrap rates as low as one percent or less. Secure professional packaging provides rugged protection for your valuable film products. Thorough documentation links all finished products back to the original master roll manufacturer for complete traceability. We will strive to earn your business by providing attention to detail and consistency of product with each and every customer interaction.

“Let us roll up our sleeves and go to work for you today”.

Although AccuFilm slits many different compositions of film over a wide thickness range, we really excel in the thin gauge rigid film arena. Polystyrene, Polyester, and Polypropylene film in the .50 mil to 4.00 mil range is a space where we regularly participate.

Unit Ratio, otherwise know as scrap rate. To you and me, that’s pounds in vs. pounds out. You want the most bang for your buck and we strive to always give that to you. There are exceptions, but on products we process on a regular basis, where an efficient web utilization is attainable, we can achieve scrap rates as low as 1% or even less.

AccuFilm Can provide many services; slitting and rewinding, roll doctoring, roll salvage, custom packaging, custom labeling / relabeling, warehousing, inventory management, and drop ship distribution. Are you bringing products in from overseas? Are they getting damaged en route? We can inspect and repackage those products before they arrive at your customer’s location ensuring a welcome reception. Are you located on the west coast and need distribution to the east? We are ideally located in central Ohio providing an excellent distribution point. So, just let us know what you need, and we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

OK, so I’ve got a soft spot for old drums and old motorcycles (get the theme here?) So check out these old beauties that might just be seen around AccuFilm from time to time.

Here’s a 1963 Honda CA95 Benly Touring 150, also known as a “Baby Dream”.


And when it’s too cold and rainy to ride, these 1969 Ludwig Standard jazz drums come out to play.

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