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What can AccuFilm do for your company?

  • We can satisfy all of your outsourced slitting needs with custom slitting and rewinding of your plastic film products.

  • We can help alleviate internal slitting schedule bottlenecks.

  • We slit difficult to process film products and complement your internal slitting capabilities.

  • We can provide custom product packaging and labeling / relabeling.

  • We can warehouse and drop ship distribute your products.

What Our Customers Say

David Staples, Senior Buyer at DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation | Barcode Division

DNP Imagingcomm America Coporation

AccuFilm is highly responsive to our changing needs for customized slitting work.

Janice Stewart, Customer Service


I can always count on AccuFilm to provide prompt, reliable service and good quality of slitting.

Bobb Kornmiller, Director of Operations

ProFusion Industries

AccuFilm is extremely easy to work with and they are responsive to our needs while achieving or exceeding all quality and service expectations.

Kelly Little, Procurement

Wyandot Snack Foods

We have worked with AccuFilm for several years because of their attention to detail, quick turn around, and superior customer service.

Sean Hadley, General Manager

Great Lakes Mfg. Solutions

AccuFilm has always provided us with excellent customer service, quality work, and quick turnaround for all of our slitting needs over the last few years.

K.G., Film Distributor

Columbus, Ohio

Our partnership with AccuFilm over the past 8+ years has made our company and our product look good! The professionalism and cleanliness of their work cannot be surpassed!

Jody Connell Shattles, Supply Chain Analyst

Innovia Films

AccuFilm is an above standard slitter with an extremely high level of trust with our film.

John Lentz, Detailed Scheduler & Planner

The Dow Chemical Company

With AccuFilm there are no worries, they get the job done efficiently so I can focus on other issues. Working with AccuFilm makes my job easier. Their system is turnkey. They know our customer’s requirements and they deliver it as required and on time.

Don Stehle, Operations Manager

Joynt Packaging International

We have used AccuFilm for our slitting needs for over 10 years. We can always count on them for excellent work completed in a timely fashion.

Quick Info

Now sourcing shrink sleeve label film.

AccuFilm is now sourcing high quality PET shrink sleeve label films with low, medium, and high shrink rates. These offer the following performance and sustainability benefits: Raw material direct to film production technology provides superior quality and cost advantages. Thickness and shrinkage uniformity . Options for a broad range of container shapes and compositions. Environmentally friendly PET, PCR: Post Consumer Recycled PET and Bio PET films. Film specifically engineered to replace PVC.
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Need packaging film?

Contact AccuFilm today for your packaging film needs - Here we have a clear heat sealable BOPP, 18 microns thick, 8.50" wide, by 15,000' long - Perfect for your pouch applications - And remember, we can produce any size to fit any application you may have.
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Printers, are you looking for long / large diameter rolls?

AccuFilm can produce long / large diameter rolls for your label film applications - Here is a recent 2.20 mil white opaque label film order we completed for a customer requesting 20,000 foot long rolls at 27.00" diameter.
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Did you know?

AccuFilm can slit film as thin as 8 microns, and as thick as 20 mils!
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